Avocado Over Exposed?

Is mega-star avocado getting a bit too big for his boots?

Don’t get us wrong, we love an avo as much as the next person – what’s not to like? With its creamy texture and bursting with nutrients, we’ve been adding them to our salads for years (yes, way before they became an Insta-favourite.) 

But enough’s enough. It’s got to the point where I’ve been down to M&S, Waitrose, Tesco – nada. Even the humble Budgen has sold out. And we reckon we know why – these little green favourites have let their modelling fame go to their head and have decided they’re too good to sit on supermarket shelves (except the rock-hard ones that never ripen – they’re always there, ever hopeful). No, the camera has been courting these fruity/veggie hybrids for far too long now and they’ve gone and got ideas above their station. These little upstarts are probably hot-footing it down to the nearest red-carpet event and puckering up for their close-ups. Before we know it, they’ll be worming their way back into favour as the standard bathroom suite colour.

Yes, we KNOW they taste nice and they’re good for you if a little calorific, blah blah, and yes, they make any dish look tempting in a photo – especially with a runny poached egg on top. But come ON! Isn’t it time we gave all those other fruit and veggies their moment in the limelight? A quick rummage in my fridge has revealed these lonesome fellas crying out for attention, so I’m gonna let them shine.


Oh dear. That’s not really the look I was hoping for…Okay, back in the fridge, guys, c’mon, chop chop – and STOP with the reproachful faces. We’re gonna have to work on your presentation skills. 

See! Now look what Mr Avocado’s popularity has gone and done? The following message appeared on the menu of a café we visited recently. So even if we do want to succumb to its temptations, our more ethically-minded favourite eateries are telling us NO! (And thank goodness they are… if this foodie trend isn’t brought into line it could have a devastating impact on the planet… You have been warned!)





4 thoughts on “Avocado Over Exposed?

  1. Mmmm avocado. I have only just got in to these beauts chopped on a nice toasted brown bagel with spring onions, chilli flakes, and lemon. Deeelicious but so over exposed. Good luck with the blog ladies. I’ll keep an eye out for you.


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