On the town with Marian Keyes


Oh, what a joy to spend an evening in the company of author Marian Keyes recently (okay, we were in the audience while she was being interviewed on stage at a Good Housekeeping event, but let’s not split hairs about it). She was there to talk about her new book, Making It Up As I Go Along, which we can’t wait to get started on.

We laughed out loud listening to her simple stories of family life, and she’s proof it’s not all over once you hit 50 – she looked fabulous and her wit was as sharp as ever. Such a fascinating, funny and very clever woman (oh yes you are, Marian). And so relatable too. Even though she’s successful and her books are loved around the world, she admits to having had problems believing in herself in the past (but she has a law degree!), and still has times when the outside world gets a bit too much and she just wants to get back home and be with her loved ones.

The legal world’s loss is our gain: this woman’s humour is right up our street, so Marian, if ever you’re in our neck of the woods, give us a shout – you’re one ‘eejit’ we’d love to hang out with…and we’d understand when you’d had enough and just wanted to slope home.

We’d like to welcome Marian to Not Those Mums and honour her in our own sweet way – wonder if she’d like being a Lego mini-figure as much as we do?



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2 thoughts on “On the town with Marian Keyes

  1. She’s great isn’t she?! So honest and warm, for someone so successful she doesn’t seem to have let it go to her head. Glad you had a nice time – sounds like great fun! 🙂 #brillblogposts


    1. Hi Charlie! Thank you so much for dropping by our blog – and commenting on our very first post 🙂 Yep you’re so right, Marian really is a lovely, warm person and her singsongy Irish accent meant we could’ve listened to her all night long. Good luck with your blogging journey too! xx


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